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Implementing ePortfolios with Google Apps


  • Please make sure to edit the code below for your environment.
  • Large templates take longer to copy
  • Google limits the time a script can run to five minutes.
Recent Improvements
  • Updated code to replace deprecated UserManager with AdminDirectory.  You need to turn on Admin Directory API under Resources > Advanced Google services... Then click the "Google Developers Console" and turn on the Admin SDK

  • It handles errors much better.  If there is an error, instead of "Success!", it enters the error into the second column and keeps on going.
  • It keeps track of how long it's running and gracefully ends if it approaches the maximum execution time.  It creates a trigger to restart the script, so now you won't need to manually restart it.
  • I added more comments to help folks understand what the code does.
  • Here's an example of the template we pushed out: